Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept NAIAS 2012

VW says: "an electrified Beetle!"

Spec Sheet: This two-seat speedster was conceptualized as a zero emissions vehicle and is powered by an 85 kW E-motor whose central electric module only weighs 80 kg. It can sprint from 0-60 mph in 10.9 seconds and has a range of 180km in the urban world thanks to its 28.3 kWh battery pack.

The name E-Bugster comes from a combination of ‘E’ for electric, ‘Bug’ for the American nickname of the Beetle, and ‘speedster’ for an open-top two-seater. Volkswagen decided to put this concept together to demonstrate that sportiness is still possible with an environmentally friendly drive train. With a body height that is 90mm less than the production Beetle, the E-Bugster is also about 30mm wider due to the larger 20" wheels. The concept includes a new fascia that incorporates the C-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights that have become the signet of Volkswagen electric vehicle studies since the e-up! in Frankfurt. The innovative drive train incorporated in the E-Bugster includes regenerative braking and will be placed in production in the 2013 Golf. The concept also includes the application of a new Combined Charging Systems which was developed in cooperation with German carmakers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche as well as American partners Ford and General Motors/Opel. This system allows the E-Bugster to be ‘filled up’ via a different charging methods like single-phase AC (typical household electricity) or dedicated ultra-fast DC charging stations.