Toyota CT (Chi Min Hwan/Jan Barcentewicz/Pablo Velasco Migoya)

"Each city has its own climate, structure, character and way of being. Understanding these differences is a key element of Toyota CT.

Toyota CT becomes part of the city. It uses a sharing vehicle concept - it is like a moving architecture piece which is almost invisible but always on place when you need to get somewhere. In the era of dropping interest in cars mainly because of high costs of maintain and problems with space in big cities, sharing is one logical solution, which has been executed in many different ways.

But Toyota CT is a sharing vehicle concept with a unique approach - each vehicle presents a dedicated design for a specific city. It means that there are as many different CTs as cities. Using the same base (chassis) Toyota provides different design of functional and aesthetic parts. From the manufacturing point of view this is an advantage, because having only one chassis the manufacturing costs are drastically reduced.

Each vehicle becomes an immanent element of s city's architecture and its structure. It shows that Toyota is aware of cultural differences. The brand engages with its users and with the environment (cities) in which they live. That allows Toyota to enter into an absolutely new level of connection with users/people where their differences are not only respected but rather brought to attention and used in order to make a good design. Toyota CT clearly has a chance to become an icon of every city.

Sketches and renders for cT Berlin, the third city in the project.

To use it you need to become a member of the CT Club and get a card which will allow you not only to open a vehicle but also to get into the whole network, book your vehicle, find out more about other users and the company, and most importantly, to use any Toyota CT in any city without any extra cost. It is a self-driven vehicle so time spent during the journey can be fully used on conversations with other people inside, with other people in other vehicles, listening to music, reading about the city etc."