Tata eMO Concept NAIAS 2012

Tata says: "It's the right size for urban transport -- easy to park, yet seating four adults comfortably, with a back seat able to be converted into substantial cargo space."

Spec Sheet: The result of an internal engineering study to prove their capabilities, the eMO features a length of under 3m and a unique liquid-cooled, dual-motor, front-wheel-drive system coupled with an air-cooled, 18.4-kilowatt, high-energy/density battery.

The eMO is an unusual concept in that it wasn't developed to prove out any specific technology, but to prove out the engineering and design capability of the Vehicle Programs and Development group (VPD) of Tata, a complete engineering and product development services company. eMO is not some sort of counter-culture reference, rather it stands for electric MObility after the team responsible decided to a focus on a city or “New Urban” electric vehicle with an emphasis on the design following the functionality and use of the vehicle. The project was a collaboration between the various VPR offices in Detroit, Pune, Coventry and Stuttgart. Aside from perhaps picking a better name, it looks like the team hit their target fairly well. The goal they developed was to build a vehicle that balances:

  • Vehicle Cost of Ownership and Usage

  • Innovation and Technology

  • Consumer Features and Usable Interior Space.

The concept features some interesting thinking. For example, there is no trunk - you can either carry passengers or cargo in the back but not both. “We believe that most vehicles on the market are actually oversized and over-specified for the majority of consumers’ daily use,” says Fisher. “Our objective was to find the right size for this type of electric vehicle with the appropriate range and speed, without reducing safety and daily usability.” With a projected MSRP of $20,000 (US) it could be the most affordable electric car on the market (if they decide to build it).