Tata Airflow (Marcus Classen)

Marcus - "This aerodynamics-led project was developed in collaboration with Tata Motors Design UK and the EXA Corporation (digital aerodynamic wind tunnel testing). The design concept is based on the observation that the rapid growth of India’s population has put enormous strains on all types of transport systems. Public transport, in particular, has been completely overwhelmed, and most bus and train services are overcrowded, unreliable, slow, inconvenient, uncoordinated and dangerous.


Indian workers in the suburbs are now looking for a more comfortable and safe way to travel into the city centres. As public transport cannot fulfil their needs for a dependable and comfortable journey, they are looking into buying a car. As a single individual doesn’t earn enough money to buy a car themselves, this vehicle is owned by more than one person (a shared vehicle).


As this vehicle is owned by more than one person, it needs to fulfil various user needs. During weekdays it needs to work as as a comfortable commuter vehicle and on weekends it needs to be a highly functional  tool, carrying shopping and potentially whole families.

By covering a non-aerodynamic, boxy and highly functional shape with a very aerodynamic and sleek outer ‘shell’, the multi-functionality and practicality of the concept is realised. The vehicle can be divided into three major elements: passenger compartment, cargo space (rear of the vehicle) and aerodynamic shell. The contrast between the very boxy and linear cargo space and sleek, aerodynamic outer shell gives the vehicle a very distinctive look.

The Tata Airflow is an electric vehicle which features four in-wheel electric motors, which are cooled through the turbine shaped rims.

The design of the vehicle was heavily inspired by Tata’s latest concept cars, the ‘Pixel’ and ‘Megapixel’. The key Tata design cues - the distinctive forward leaning Tata DLO,  the ‘floating’ C-pillar and the revolving theme around the vehicle have been developed further and intensified to give the vehicle a future Tata look and feel.


Find more of Marcus' work at http://www.behance.net/Marcus_Classen