Paul Nichols - Tripod

Car design? How about redefining the very concept of ‘mobility’….

‘Tripod’, a project dreamt up by Paul Nichols with the goal of creating a “new, completely mobile, generational subculture”, orients itself around the notion of mobile residences constructed from identical, interlocking triangles. Nichols likens ‘Tripod’ to the introduction of affordable motoring in the 20th century – a development that entirely redefined people’s employment, and socioeconomic, prospects.

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s demand for a ‘comprehensive designer’, set out in his 1963 book, Ideas and Integrities, Tripod is, hypothetically at least, refreshingly simple in practice. A core vehicle can swell to almost any shape or size depending on the volume and deployment of manual locking triangles. The locking mechanism is based on a Korean hydraulic system designed to continually adjust tessellated structures.

One of the core attributes of Tripod is its recyclability.  The very nature of the project allows units to change location, and as such they can be reused rather than disposed of or left until a state of dereliction. Theoretically, with an expanding population, there would never be any reason for a Tripod unit to be destroyed.