Renault Captur

Renault says : Captur makes use of the Energy dCi 160 Concept twin-turbo engine with less than 99g/CO2 emissions and a top speed of 131 mph.

Captur is the second in a series of concept cars put out by Renault to explore the different stages of the human life cycle, the first being the DeZir shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year.  The Captur captures the phase of two people, already in love having met with DeZir, exploring the world around them tagged as “A Crossover That’s All Muscle in Motion”.   As in the DeZir lights beat around the outer body via LEDs on the matt-finished wings and running round to the back of the car.  Another example of the use of carbon fibre at the show is fitted in Captur’s hard top convertible roof that reveals an exotic interior created by a matrix of orange elastic ropes layered upon them to make individual seat volumes as well as a mono fan seat in the rear.  Mimicking the rays of light that ignite curiosity and emotions on the exterior the elastic ropes move the eye around the interior and build up behind the centre console and dashboard frosted skins.  Although the initial feeling is overwhelming once the brain has connected all the areas the individual chaos of so much rope settles and forms volumes that are vibrant and intriguing.  The Captur was also a showcase of technology for Renault’s new Energy dCi 160 twin-turbo engine with a dual clutch EDC gearbox coming it at less than 99g/km CO2 emissions.  As in every relationship the Captur is a more mature but no less intense evolution of the DeZir, it leaves the innocence and naivety of the love phase to embark on a much more intense exploration of all the senses.