mia rox - Geneva Motor Show 2012

mia says, “Traditionally, people used to buy cars to make themselves like the character of the car. This is the complete alternative, the car becomes the character of the person.” – David Wilkie, Design Director, mia electric.

Spec Sheet: Several cars in one. The next step in the mia range aims to offer “the opportunity for extensive personalisation.” The real trick the rox has up its sleeve is that it presents the owner with an option between full convertible and ‘coach mode’, i.e. fully covered.

This intermediate mode is called “top mode”. In this mode the doors, which are made from slats (much like those on a bed), are pulled up from the floor whilst the windows operate via a similar procedure except from the roof. Additionally, the rox has a fabric roof (for which there will be a number of designs, unsurprisingly) that broadens the runabout’s versatility further still – fabric windows and covering can be brought down or tied up on both the sides and the back of the rox. A final variation, where the fabric cover is completely removed, sees the rox turn into what is probably the only rival for the Smart For-us concept. This does, however, leave the somewhat unsightly metal framework on display.

In the metal, the rox seems a little more graceful than its siblings and with details like the hanging head and rear lights and the surfboard-esque shoulders that run down the side of car (interrupted only by the slatted door) the rox has a lot to offer visually. The rox could in time prove an extremely astute move from Messers Günak and Wilkie. Should it make production, the rox will be relatively quick and cheap to produce as, with a few notable exceptions, it shares its core construction with the mia electric. The emphasis is on the word ‘core’ as the rest of the rox is, of course, interchangeable.