Lamborghini Urus Concept 2012

Lamborghini says: “One target is clearly defined – the Lamborghini Urus will beat all comparable competitors when it comes to CO2 emissions. One important prerequisite for this is low weight and the Urus will be considerably lighter than its competitors.”

Spec sheet: Bold Italian supercar reveals bullish plans for a four-seat SUV that could treble sales while watching its waistline with an aggressive lightweight strategy.

Well I never! Lamborghini’s thinking green? While you could be forgiven for thinking Bentley’s recent SUV concept (EXP 9F) was all about visual heft and its ability to carrying heavy and expensive people and their picnic baskets, over at sister brand Lamborghini its SUV seems to signal a greener agenda. To be fair, Lamborghini’s 2010 Sesto Elemento concept also promoted the idea of ruthless lightweight design as a way of reducing CO2 emissions, but what makes its new Urus concept in some ways more interesting is that a) it looks much closer to production and b) as it could equate to 3000 sales a year, rather than the ultra limited 20 Sestos slated for production, its weight reduction tactics will have a greater impact. Key to the technologies that Lamborghini says will make the difference are extensive use of carbon fibre both in the bodyshell and on the interior, where the central tunnel and bucket seats are made of Forged Composite and only clad in leather where necessary. Lamborghini reassures that 600hp and all-wheel drive will still be available for the production model due early 2016 though. Phew!