Henry Cloke - Power of Zero

'Power of Zero' looks to find simple and innovative solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

Henry Cloke's 'Zero' concept is a folding rental vehcile designed to mix in pedestranised zones in busy city-centres.  Think of it as the next step up from the Barclays bikes anyone who's been to London recently will be familiar with, although if the seating position is anything to go by, think of it more as a deck chair.

Less than a metre wide, low-speed and endowed with an estimated range of around 15 miles, Zero certainly makes an interesting prospect for urban areas congested with a plethora of bikes, cars, pedestrains and public transport. The fact that it will carry two and folds flat when not in use only add to Zero's appeal.

Powered by electric motors, the wheels that allow Zero rotate within the large casing that surround the vehcile. One of Henry's aims was to make urban travel more fun and socialiable, and with two hammock-equse seat on each side of the fuselage, we doubt that will be too much of a problem.

Henry Cloke