Goran Ozbolt - Lexus iE

Downsizing shouldn't compromise on luxury 

iE, or 'Inclusive Exclusivity', is a Lexus sponsored project that germinates from writer Anna Lappé's comment, "every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the world you want".

Lexus iE aims to offer the user a luxurious setting while "involving the environment positively" - largely by being extremely economic and clever regarding its modest dimensions. Small-car luxury is something Lexus have already embarked on in the CT200.

The most noticeable feature of iE is the lack of overhangs at each end. Combined with a downscaled firewall and impressive height in relation to its width (whilst maintaining a svelte silhouette), these features contribute to make iE surprisingly spacious inside.

Ozbolt describes the project as "a quality espresso, rather than a big coffee-based cocktail".