Bee.One (Anthony O'Sullivan)

Anthony - "The interior aims to be a soft comfortable family environment. All surfaces have a central perforated acrylic core wrapped in 200mm memory foam, then finished with a cotton surface. 

The interactive touch points are designed to reduce driver distraction and the need for moving in the car. The front seat passenger has their own small touch screen for adjusting the in-car entertainment, so there is no need to touch the driver interface, which is angled in towards the driver.  This main driver screen is controlled by a central, single dial, allowing the driver to feel a physical response as reassurance than an action has been completed, such as volume or heating."

Turn dial - the turn dial system allows for a physical 'click click' dila response. This feedback informs the driver that the action was successful.

Clock - Uses two blank spaces on a ring, one large and one small to create an 'hours' and a 'minute' hand. 

Energy spheres - Small spheres are visible on the display and represent the power left in the car's battery unit. The spheres bounce around the display (recreating the movement of heated particles). The more vigorous the driving style the more vigorous the spheres bounce. As energy is used, the spheres will start to pop and there overall levels will decrease.

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