Audi e-Flux (Samuel Johnson)

Samuel - "The Natural Audi brief was a challenge to explore a natural design process, form and design. It has also been an opportunity for Samuel Johnson (Vehicle Designer) and Emma Sheldon (Mixed Media Textile Designer) to collaborate. The aim was to explore a new design direction whilst keeping the honest and premium values, the core identity of an Audi design.  Developing a concept for light-weight or ‘ultra’ materials was key in achieving this.  

This design is conceived from exploring the transitioning air, light and sound from the environment to the vehicle’s interior space. Using this principle the car reverses the trend of vehicle design which focuses on the interior rather than the outside world. The proposal is aimed at exposing the driver to the elements and focusing externally rather than internally.

This is achieved through an expandable exterior surface that has the ability to react to nature, highlighting what’s going on around the vehicle whilst also offering an interior that has the ability to adapt to the environment surrounding it. Through this interaction, the driver can be enclosed not solely by the vehicle, but by the continually evolving world outside."

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