Adam Setter - Glitch

Can an app be used to aid design?

Adams Setter’s ‘Glitch’ is a concept that focuses more on the journey than the destination, and adheres to a philosophy of extrapolating a given process until it reaches its ultimate form.


Using just an iPhone and the ‘Trimensional’ app - a clever 3D scanner used primarily to capture people’s expressions - Adam scanned in printed images, as opposed to objects, and refined the 3D data to create Glitch’s eventual proportions.

“I did not set out with a vehicle typology in mind, proving to myself that not knowing where you are going can yield great results,” claims Setter, and it’s difficult to argue his viewpoint. Glitch, a futuristic buggy-esque creation, may not satisfy everybody’s aesthetic tastes, but it is unique and daring.  

The processes used to create Glitch are easily utilized to focus on personalization, with the eventual aim of the customer, or client, taking a greater hand in the design of his or her vehicle.