Pininfarina Cambiano - Geneva Motor Show 2012

Pinifarina says, “I wanted to create a strong visual impact into the Cambiano using as few lines as possible, while avoiding any decoration,” - Fabio Filippini, Chief Creative Officer, Pininfarina.

Spec Sheet: A greater all-electric range that anything else on the market is a good starting point. The drivetrain is based on four electric motors, one on each wheel, and produces a maximum of 600kw – enough for the Cambiano to hit 60mph in just over four seconds.

Very much a luxury cruiser, Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina’s latest creation is powered by 79bhp electric motors on each wheel and is good for up to 125 miles using only electric power. It has, unsurprisingly, been likened to an eco-conscious Maserati. Pininfarina describe this concept as a new approach to luxury in a car, and whilst there is plenty to talk about the exterior, the Cambiano’s interior design is the real deal. Getting inside is interesting in it’s own right – the driver’s side has one door but the passenger side has two, à la Hyundai Veloster. Once inside, you’re greeted by a myriad of recycled and reused materials – the main event being the wooden floor made from the recycled oak poles used in Venice to designate moorings. Furthermore, much of the upholstery is natural and imitation leather and panels are wrought from polylactic acid, a plastic derived from sugar and milk serum, which reduces the use of petroleum. The Cambiano is starting to sound more like the Fisker Karma than a Maserati.

Other features include a panoramic roof that varies between translucency and transparency as well as a unique lighting system that exploits light channels inserted into the ceiling. Finally, and perhaps most surprisingly, the generator in the front of the Cambiano is powered by diesel.