Production: Coda Sedan


Coda says:“Cause range envy: We built the longest range, fastest charging, self-regulating all-electric battery in its class.”

Spec sheet: The Coda Sedan boasts a 150-mile range with a sophisticated thermal management system and a two-hour quick charge that add 50 miles.

Coda is a bold new LA-based start-up car firm taking on the big carmakers with its US launch-ready full-electric sedan. With a 150-mile range it easily trumps the current circa 100-mile industry average of established carmakers like Nissan and Mitsubishi.  Its lithium ion phosphate battery only takes six hours to recharge for 150 miles’ worth of travel and powers the four-door, five-passenger sedan’s 134hp electric motor to 85mph. The big problem is the dowdy-looking small saloon – allegedly an old Mitsubishi may have provided the basis for its design – is still very expensive at around $30,000 (even after nearly $10,000 of state and government subsidies) and suffers from really weak interior quality complete with a poorly built gear selector that looks suspiciously close to Jaguar’s rising masterpiece. Why should eco-focused customers have to put up with bad design and poor quality at such high prices? The ‘range envy’ Coda suggests other drivers will experience may exist, but I’d argue its customers will suffer ‘design envy’ compared to almost any other EV on the road except perhaps the awful Reva G-Wiz (and at least that’s cheap).