Bamboo by Robert Hagenström

Robert Hagenström

I came into vehicle design from a human computer interaction and product design background, expecting to improve my styling skills.  But, I quickly found that’s not what the industry needs.  The message I got from companies was that most were detached from reality, so I set out to give them a wake-up call with every project.

I used problems as my inspiration.  How do you design a motorcycle for someone who doesn’t find them appealing or convenient?  Is it possible to design something you wouldn’t want to own, but still want to use?  And how do you profit from that?

Along the way I had to fight a lot of reality distortions, such as the notion that electric cars will solve all our problems when it just means that we burn the oil somewhere else.  It still hurts just as much to be run over by an electric car as one with a combustion engine.  Why does it have to be that way?  We humans manage crowded sidewalks without complicated traffic rules or infrastructure just fine.  Isn’t it time for the car to do the same, and to stop it being a killing machine that we idealise?

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