Mimesis by Murray Westwater

Murray Westwater           

Design influences many of our decisions.  As such it is a powerful tool with which we can instigate change.  We should use this influence to improve lives: to make things more enjoyable to be around through beautiful, new and honest aesthetics; to encourage more sustainable habits, and ultimately to create a better future for everyone.


Mimesis looks to nature to provide a new, safer, vehicle architecture.  It aims to encourage people to downsize their vehicle through safe and fun design.  The main inspiration for this project came from the incredible forces that a woodpecker’s head can withstand and recent advances in our understanding of its structure and potential.  I hope that the project also highlights the potential importance of biometric research in finding completely new solutions to problems that we have tried to solve in the same way for many years within the industry.  At the same time, these new solutions will naturally create a new architecture.


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