Porsche Car Share by Julliana Cho

Julliana Cho

The reason why I am fascinated by vehicle design is because such opposites can be beautifully combined within it.  Creating ideas for a mechanical object with different aspects, such as architecture, fashion, sculpture, sustainability, makes me motivated and passionate.  My aim is always focused on ‘How to create the perfect balance between the message and the object”.

Due to the spatial and environmental issues that the car industry faces today, finding the balance between message and object is an even bigger task, especially when designing for a traditional luxury brand like Porsche.  Avoiding standard eco-solutions aimed at the volume market, my final concept creates a new electric car-sharing system, offering innovative aesthetic, with an architectural and sculptural approach, targeting the group of people who include Porsche customers.  Ensuring good proportion and making it clear to understand was my main goal.


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