Polar by Juha Pekka Rautio

Juha Pekka Rautio

My work is driven by my interest and curiosity in various cultural, artistic, ecological and technological issues and possibilities.  Design of a commodity is a way to make a person’s life more interesting and beneficial.  Designing communicative and compelling products with good values should be the way our societies head towards the future.


My degree project concentrates on rural area development.  Too often new ideas are designed for urban areas and then they trickle down to rural areas.  People living in remote communities have their special needs and demands that need to be considered.  People living in areas, which are too isolated to be connected to the national electricity grid, have to give up some obvious conveniences that city folk have.  This makes living in rural areas more challenging and less attractive.  The objective of this concept is to offer mobility and energy for a rural micro-community by working as a mobile power plant.


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