Hybrid Cargo Trike by James Harness

James Harness

I have not outgrown my childhood love of cycling.  Instead my fascination continues to grow.  I often feel that the discipline of vehicle design has grown into an unbalanced manner – too preoccupied with peacocking and demonstrations of personal superiority.  In general the contrasting qualities of simplicity, efficiency plus the health benefits of cycling enjoy a timeless relevance.  There is room for everyone on the road.  We understand ourselves better if we can understand each other.  My work at the RCA has frequently explored this cross-pollination.

Hybrid Cargo Trike

Having observed the emergence of a new philosophy of bicycle ownership – where it is used and insured like a car – I felt motivated to push this concept into a powerful, antagonistic, new design statement.  My hybrid cargo bycicle confronts the social preconceptions facing cyclists.  Prodigious and familial, it reflects on the directions of automotive as well as bicycle design.


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