Neuron by Ian Kettle

Ian Kettle

Human Centric Vehicle Design has always been at the core of my design approach and, while the diverse, exciting, stimulating, and creative experience of the RCA has given me the opportunity to mature and develop far beyond I imagined when first starting here, this approach is still something I strive for in every project.  I believe that if we can truly understand who we are designing for, then the opportunity to create beautiful, meaningful, relevant, and most important, desirable objects will be all the greater.


Neuron reflects an exploration of how brain machine interface (BMI) technology could alter our perception of the car.  BMI would create the intimate relationships between us and our vehicles, turning them into objects so intuitive that they become an extension of our own selves.  Neuron imagines how the consequences of this would change, not just the architecture of the car, allowing it to become a super agile, light-footed product, defined not by a hard sculptural exterior, but by the freeform use of its interior, but more important, our notions of material objects and their integration into the physical world.

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