Light by Hitesh Panchal

Hitesh Panchal

Design offers us a means of living and consequently conditions our relationship with people and the world at large.  Design is woven into the fabric of our society.  At times the RCA experience has been overwhelming but, fundamentally, it has been truly enriching.  The College has inherently been about advancing my personal philosophy of design, eliciting a progression where ecological, ethical, and contextual significance are natural barometers, alongside an expressive artistic response.  This holistic appreciation has fashioned a natural thought process, culminating in my major project. 


As a society, we have attached certain emotional rewards to the acquisition of material belongings.  I look to impart a philosophy, which challenges this mindset.  Light is a multi-dimensional phenomenon and has positive implications throughout the food chain of products and consumption.  In the context of vehicle design, it not only references physical weight but also appearance, perception, experiences and ultimately pursues ‘light’ as a philosophy towards life.

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