Citroën 48H by Heikki Juvonen

Heikki Juvonen

Since the automotive industry is drastically undergoing evolution driven by emerging needs, technologies, trends, legislations, and changes in economy and lifestyle, it is crucial to deliver strategically comprehensive solutions.  To succeed, strong conceptual design is needed, and a mindset already in the future.  Meeting the demands of future mobility is not the goal. Exceeding them is.  For this we need interdisciplinary design thinking and dynamic teams.

Citroën 48H is a vehicle aimed for spontaneous overnight leisure experiences. At 4.8 meters long, the vehicle is aimed at rejuvenating escapism on the weekends, while being suitable for daily commuting. Supported by on-site refreshment services, the standard of outdoor camping is brought to a new level, bringing a new lifestyle possibility to comfort conscious customers. The concept originated from the research of overcrowding of the cities and the human need for relaxation and escapism from the busy daily schedules. As urban dwellers are also getting busier and busier, holidays are getting more scarce and shorter. This calls for examination of shorter, more frequent ways of relaxation. As we demand new experiences with high-end style, it is important to acknowledge the human-vehicle relationship of the future.

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