Monoform by Fernando Ocaña

Fernando Ocaña

I am serious about design, yet I don’t take myself so seriously.  I am creative and passionately questioning of the automobile and its surrounding culture.  My determined ambition to achieve an emancipated design ideology aims to positively influence the products that future generations will interact with, and through them leave a progressive imprint on the flow of modern culture.


Monoform deconstructs my interests and influences into four areas: evolution, urbanism, symbolism, and complexity.  It researches, understands and cross-references them, decoding their eclectic complexity into a simple, digestible mobility experience, in context with impending social and technological standards.  It emphasises the importance of modern cultural phenomena to innovation, by questioning the inherent symbolism of this otherwise purely mechanical object, and it porposes a refreshing type of interaction between people and technology.  It speaks boldly against nostalgia within automotive design and challenges the automobile’s overall relevance, aiming to emphasise change as a fundamental component of the human essence, and the unstoppable process of evolution.

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