Nyx by Elizabeth Pinder

Elizabeth Pinder           

An inventive person by nature, I have always strived to solve problems.  This to me is the very crux of good design.  As a somewhat left-field thinker, I will often come at a problem from a different angle and solve it imaginatively.  My time at RCA has allowed me to really flex my wings creatively.  This has been emphasised by working with so many people, whose differing views on the role vehicle design plays in society often offer-up new challenges.


The emphasis on not just clean vehicles, but cradle-to-cradle design, offers a wonderful opportunity to solve the problem of designing a product that even those staunchly clinging onto the petrol engine will want to use.  My project focuses on hydrogen technologies, and people’s objection to the use of hydrogen as a fuel (citing the Hindenburg and Hiroshima disasters), completely reversing this fear and ultimately producing a little pocket of peace that anyone can drive.


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