Innovahicle by Dai Shang

Dai Shang

Obviously, being in the RCA makes us critical, not just about cars, but also about ourselves.  By being critical we find out where we belong.

As for me, I neither intend to give the car industry a funeral, nor to follow the same old path for another hundred years.  The only certain thing for me is that, at least PART of the automobile will be, or is already, changing, even down to the most basic structures.  And that’s the part I wish to witness, by making myself involved.


Me degree project is called INNOVAHICLE, and is based on the idea that, given consumers’ desire to live in an urbanised environment, the most basic automobile, with its four wheel based platform, is not likely to be the best, or even a sufficient choice.  I intend to crossover the platforms and create a new vehicle for urban compact commuting, especially for China, my homeland.

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