Box by Brooks & Bone

Brooks & Bone

James Brooks

The ‘car’ has become symbolic of human self-indulgence, and in under increasing pressure to remove its veil and re-assure society that we can still move around individually, with freedom and efficiency, without destroying our environement or harming our social behavious.  For the major study area I collaborated with colleague Richar Bone.  We worked together, with the intent to tackle the real issues regarding urban travel, for which we both share concerns.  Individual urban transport is currently anti-social and dirty, impeding our narrow roads with two ton lumps of metal – the human footprint has never been so big. 

Share car systems are beginning to utilise the car in a more gracious manner.  We aim to create a car tailores doe sharing; with solid research on the environement and inhabitance, we believe we can design an essentialist vehicle for the city.  We will work with as many relavant people as we can to try to make our ideas reality.

Richard Bone

With the emergence of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles comes the opportunity for designers to radically change the architecture of current cars.  Essentially we are in a position where we can deconstruct the car, making it once again relavant to modern consumers and their demans on mobility.  Through my designs I try to represent possible evolutions of the car as we know it, be it through new manufacturing processes, new product service systems or through fresh understanding of cultural opinions.

The final project looks into efficient solutions within the urban environment.  A car remains unused for 92% of the day and, with 2.78 million cars on the road in London alone, it is an extremely inefficient, unsuitable form of mobility.  Working with James Brooks, I designed a vehicle specifically for shared usage, embracing simplicity and as essentialist attitude.  The design will utilise standard parts and an electrics platform, to create a rational answer for urban travel.

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