Family Dynamic by Adam Kerr Phillips

Adam Kerr Phillips

Objects cannot exist in isolation.  With every RCA project I have tried to examine the vehicle in context, as part of a greater system or environment and have attempted ti reduce the barriers between those using vehicles and those not.  I hope to spend my career after graduation creating more human-friendly vehicles in sync with the world they inhabit.

Family Dynamic

How can an interior facilitate healthier human interaction?

This project looks at modern families and how vehicles interiors can respond to their needs.  Current interiors promote an outdated family dynamic, with one occupant being handled all responsibility.  By mimicking the dynamic of the modern home, I believe we can create spaces where healthy interaction and shared responsibility can take place.  The modern family is a diverse unit with a full range of ever-changing roles.  Every member plays a part and should be involved in a journey as they are in the home.

Technology as a driver

By making the most of gestural technology and smart surfaces the we interact inside a vehicles can be completely changed.  I wanted to look beyond the ubiquitous seat-back screen and think about how collaborative, rather than isolating, activities could be encouraged.  Key to the development phase was interviewing and spending time with two very different families.  The feedback they gave me, in terms, of problems with their current vehicles and their desires for future vehicles, helped frame the concept.  I also gained key insight into what made their home environments successful spaces.

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