Musa Tjahjono Mission Motors Mission E

Not as much inspired by a future scenario as by modern furniture Tjahjono’s Mission E trike was designed to solve the problem of congestion in cities and contribute to a new generation of green vehicles.  Mission E is a folding full electric trike that operates as a bike in Riding Mode and a motion assistant during Walker Mode.  In Riding Mode the trike has a traditional stance with a longer footprint to increase stability at higher speeds.  During Walker Mode the trike’s harmonic drive will engage as the vehicle slows down to walking speed to assist the rider in lower speed situations. In this mode Mission E behaves somewhat in the same way as Honda’s UX-3 with a gyro to assist with balance as well as the three-wheel configuration.  Being electric, thus emissions and noise free, allows Mission E to trespass the usual boundaries between outside and inside spaces much in the same way the Segway does.  But the design is neither a clear nod to furniture design nor does it excite the eye as per its full potential as a ‘companion’ vehicle.  A closer look into the new kind of relationship this kind of vehicle speaks about vis a vis the user and his/her environment could have been further explored.  Leaving aside motorcycle images, such as users with helmets, and exploring our use of interior space and connectivity would have been perhaps offered better design solutions.  A good idea, but a missed design opportunity.