Joseph Martinez Puma Trials

Inspired by a trip to Venice beach where he met a trials bike rider Martinez’s scenario challenges a person’s physical limit rather than limits of speed.  In a project that might be seen as the antitheses of car design that borderlines on product design he actually directly answers Prof. Lim’s questions at the beginning of the class.  He strips his vehicle of any engine or motor and replaces it with human power, he solves the need of getting from A to B efficiently, and he adds quality of life by designing a wearable bicycle.  As he learned from his friend on the beach, “Trials” is a unique sport that involves the customisation of a typical bicycle to be able to perform complex jumps and scale objects such as boulders, tables, even walls! 

Trialsis simple in its form and honest to the user.  Each foot is linked to a wheel with leaf springs and tension rods to create a system that makes the rider go faster and jump higher.  Through hydraulic brake cables and lightweight composite parts the structure evenly distributes pressure from the calves to above the knee allowing for independent motion.  This sensation and physical attachment not only allows freedom of movement but also adds to the visual impact of the Trials, they seem to become a natural extension of the body.  Designing Trials under the Puma name might not have been as provocative as perhaps BMW or Honda but it does add to the wearable aspect and enhances to its sporty loooks.  Chariot Skates meet Air Trekkers here we go!