Michael Hritz DC Comics/Motoczysz Combat Cycle

Hritz’s scenario took him to a future where automation and the inherent rules that need to be followed for that to happen have led to an essentially boring and controlled environment.  In spite of comfort and efficiency the system doesn’t cater, it even denies, our basic human instinct for survival.  In a recycling centre of all places a citizen finds a comic book that sparks a mellowed imagination and gives a new sense of purpose, rage against the machine.  Slowly a kind of Fight Club mentality arises and good and evil also emerges inspired by characters by the DC Comics book and Motoczysz forming a motorized team that  “enjoy the act of high speed, full-contact battle while hanging-on to the fastest machines that they could build”.  In a classic good vs. evil setting two vehicles come out of Hritz’s scenario: “Nullifier”, bold, brave and virtuous vs. “Instigator”, mischievous, unstable, and flawed.  Battles ensue providing a sense of purpose, challenging the complexity of imposed comfort in society by the use of simple controls and body language as the main drivers for their Combat Cycles

There is always a threat to freedom of expression when massive systems replace human input, just think how Google has changed that way we get our information, it is by no means random.  Hritz addresses a fundamental issue with his scenario and the outcome is based on our purest instincts, the use of our bodies and minds to survive.  Aesthetically the “Nullifier”, or Combat Cycle A, reflects one side of our psyche, lean, essential, light, pure but vulnerable, our good side.  The “Instigator”, or Combat Cycle B, personifies the other side; it is heavier, has more mass, or perhaps better said brawn, and shows our insecurities by bulking up in form.  Although DC Comics would most likely use more curvaceous characters as their battling heroines Hritz has chosen a more androgynous athletic female character as the protagonist of his adventure adding just the right touch of reality!