Philip Haban Burton Boreas

"Boreas is a lightweight high performance electric snow racer that fits the event course designed for Tartarus and its riders” says HabanBoreas is the Greek god of the ‘cold north wind and the bringer of the winter’.  A free spirit he is often shown as a winged old man and as being very strong.  Tartarus, the deepest gloomy world that is even worse than the underworld and believed in Greek Mythology to be even lower than Hedes, is the backdrop for Haban’s Boreas. How such a light and elegant piece of design could come from such a dark scenario is contradictory to say the least but Boreas’s design language is nonetheless athletic, sleek, and fresh.  It has more in common with the little gem that inspired its stance, the Anolis Lizard.  Spending only about a third of the time touching the ground it embodies the lightness and speed with which Boreas needs to win snow races in the Tartarus competition.  Fantastical as this design may be the materials are seriously considered as if to be built in the real world.  Haban selected the toughest and lightest materials he could find in our world to apply to his extreme electric snow racer - carbon fibre, acrylic, aluminium, and honeycomb vinyl seat covers.  The discrepancy between our world and his imagined scenario takes away from his design story, its as if we want the Boreas to really stay in character the whole way through.  Nonetheless, real applications of his electric racing design could come to life if he managed to keep the conflict above ground and in the future rather than in mythology.