Tomas Bubilek +1

Bubilek’s+1 exemplifies the notion of a New Breed, specially a new breed of personal mobility vehicles.  His inspiration for +1, a Robotic ATV, came from the idea of “half man, half machine”, where the structure and appearance reflect a symbiotic relationship.  Bubilek takes the assets of the human form, flexible and articulate skeletal and muscular interrelationship, and melds it with the protection and performance of a machine amplifying resistance and strength.

Like its inspiration the +1 is driven by a hybrid system composed of very powerful electric motors whose energy comes from a small diesel generator located under the rider.  The diesel operates at peak efficiency (constant RPMs) and at the same time produces as little emissions as possible.  The four battery packs located in the belly of the machine can also power the machine in complete silence for a range of about 30 miles, an advantageous stealth mode when +1 is used for military purposes.

Reminiscent of the wearable motorcycle GCD featured a few years ago the +1 takes on issues of protection that the former lacked.  A more advanced and rugged solution that reflects an increasing trend in niche automotive design with a flare for combat, such as built by Local Motors, makes the +1 a design to fawn over.  The exaggerated limbs that turn into individually sectioned treads that make up the super flexible wheels create a new visual texture.  The front end with its muscular shoulders and head cockpit makes you want to get in and ‘feel’ what its like.  The contrast of soft surfaces that embrace the human body against the rigid exoskeletal forms that act as body armour accentuate its aggressive body language.  There is something sinuous and fragile about the design nonetheless, and it is due to the fact that all these connections are exposed, there for the eye to see…reminding us of the vulnerability of our own internal architecture.  +1 “the new species is here”.