Mia Electric Micro.Bus

Mia Electric says: the Micro.Bus comes in 3 versions, mia L (large), mia, mia box van, all with a standard 8Kw batteries with a range from 80 to 90 km that can be charged in 3 hours.

It was a pleasant surprise to see the mindset crew headed by Murat Günak, formerly of Volkswagen, and David Wilkie, formerly of Bertone, back on the stand at Geneva.  After many lessons learnt about developing the mindset prototype they have come to the realisation that it is better to build this kind of business from the bottom up not the top, being the luxury segment, down.  Speaking with Günak at the show it was evident that the electric revolution is close to his heart, ask him why the company and concept cars are named Mia and he will tell you, “it’s my daughter’s name and it means ‘mine’ in Spanish…we don’t want to be a technocratic brand, we want to create a human product”.  The project could not be more efficient.  Instead of creating an entirely new car and factory they bought a Heuliez concept which made its debut in 2008 at the Paris Auto Show, it was called the 'Friendly'.  Due to economic reasons the factory was going to close as Heuliez was bankrupt at which point mia electric took over 70% of its partnership with the original partners the French region Poitou-Charentes.  With re-branding in place it was a matter of changing the style of the 3 versions developed under the new design team and making them more urban chic than the original ‘Friendly’.  Cool details such as faux carbon-fibre finish can be done because the external body is all made out of plastic, an iPad module can be easily added to the interior, and there is no need to make changes for left-hand or right-hand drive due to the central driving position.  The flat floor allows for multiple and easy configurations from a van style layout to a family style layout with driver and three passengers directly behind.  The dash is also ubiquitously modular and simple allowing for a variety of customisation options…this could be a cultural phenomenon of its own.  The cutout in the roof and floor as you enter the vehicle accentuated its tiny footprint and efficient use of space definitely earning itself the name Micro.Bus.  VW never got their design as punchy, petite and practical as this!

Murat Günak and David Wilkie

Heuliez Friendly