Rinspeed Bamboo

Rinspeed says : four-seater with electric motor with 54kW power, top speed of 120 km/h and a range of 105 km.h.

Rinspeed never fails to entertain at the Geneva Show.  Like Sbarro he has attended the show more times than he cares to remember yet it is always his, Frank M. Rinderknecht, ambition to stimulate and provoke the status quo.  The Bamboo, a four-seater summer buggy, similar in spirit to the Moke from back in the day, aimed to brush away any anxiety about the economic state of affairs around the world, to lighten our concern about the environment by being electric, to bring back a little bit of lightheartedness to the automobile which has been long lost.  There is value in these aspirations yet the reality of the Bamboo fell short.  The idea was so strong, so powerful, and so poignant yet in reality the gimmick outsold the concept.  Although there were cool details such as the inflatable roof, the very fun portraits of him and her on the seat fabric, and the flower petal speakers by JBL the overall proportions of the car were neither retro nor buggy nor avantgarde…in short neither here nor there.  However, the ‘lifestyle’ built around the car accessorised by the suppliers that made the development of the Bamboo possible were more interesting individually than together.  Connectivity was a big part of the Bamboo with the Rizzi bird on the rollover bar changing colour to indicate green “I am single”, blue “I am in a party mood”, and orange “I need a break”.  The rear seats and roof are inflatable, can be removed and taken to the beach and instead of a grill there is a conversation panel supported by Identiface an intel product developed by Daimler MBtech.  The rhetoric behind the scenes, also known as the press release, talked a lot about pushing boundaries, not caring about what other people think, and literally that “this car irritates”.  It is a very strange way of communicating a product that is meant to be about joy and pleasure, instead the Bamboo was unfortunately common.  We were expecting so much more.