Sbarro Two for 100

Sbarro says: 3.5m long, 500kg aerodynamic vehicle that consumes 2 litres of petrol per 100km!

The Two for 100 gets its name from its consumption of allegedly 2 litres of fuel per 100km travelled.  It is Franco Sbarro’s first attempt at an ecological car; he is in fact renown for his gas guzzling fancily designed sports cars.  Speaking with him at the show he played down the fact that it looked so futuristic, he just said that he did it because people said he couldn’t…often something different can come from this kind of challenge.  He doesn’t believe in electric cars, he leaves that up to the big car manufacturers, instead he designed the Two for 100 to be as aerodynamically perfect and as light as he could possible manage from parts that already exist; the less is more principal.  The design is a mix between the Jetsons and American hotrods tackled with a very child-like approach.  The latch of the cupola cabin is manual reminiscent of convertibles from the 50’s, while the faired-in wheels almost completely hide the whole tyre adding to the feeling that the car could fly, or at least hover.  The negative sweep at the rear accentuates that feeling of lift and lightness as the body floats between the four wheels with exposed suspensions.  The exo-rollbar holds all the pieces together, and while it works structurally it is perhaps the least harmonious form in the overall design.  At an estimated 18,000 euros retail Sbarro sees this cabrio coupe as a real solution to today’s problems as opposed to being “handicapped” by an electric car that will cost significantly more.  One of our favourites at the show!