BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW says : the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept car presents the automobile as a fully integrated part of the networked world in both design and technological innovations.

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept car is obviously more than just a car, it is BMW’s vision of the future; a future where the car and your car company connects you to the ever more integrated digital world that is coming about from the phenomenon du jour, the simplest of gadgets, the smartphone.  In fact it is your smartphone that gets this concept car going.  Once you are connected the car comes alive, packed full of features hidden within touch technology and light installations making the car is more of a moving computer, or dare we say a robot, than what we know to be our cars of today.  Much like the Vision concept that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show the design in based on layers, and the space between those layers.  In this rendition the layers have taken on another role, or rather 3 roles – comfort (green light), infotainment (blue light), and safety (red-orange light).  Comfort, defined by the green flow of light, relates the driver and the car to the world around it by flowing around the wing mirrors and the sides of the vehicle and providing a data link to the environment around you.  With this function the driver can get up-to-the-second directions, efficiency readings, and the car can park itself.  Infotainment, defined by the blue flow of light, extends to the passenger side allowing for social connectivity and sharing of information downloaded and passed to driver by simple touch slide on the dashboard.  Lastly Safety, defined by the red-orange flow of light, wraps around the driver and comes together in a cone on the bonnet.  There are many safety features connected to this system all aided visually with augmented reality.   Then there is the styling of the car itself that seems to be secondary but elegant nonetheless yet begs the…does it need to look like a car?  I think the answer is, “why not!”.