Mini Rocketman

MINI says :  A new study car which boasts a unique and agile concept, a 3+1 seater with 3 doors and exterior length of 3.3 metres and fuel consumption at 3 litres per 100 km.

We like that the Mini Rocketman was introduced as a study car, it suggests that there are lessons to be learned from this concept, not just design flexing.  The Mini has always been predisposed to being a green car with its restrained dimensions and lightweight frame, but its design evolutions in the forms of the Clubman, that looks a little swollen, and the Countryman, effectively an extended hatch version, did not maximise the original's minimalism.  The Rocketman does this very magic trick with an entire personality of its own.  While keeping within MINI DNA the Rocketman reaches new heights of design within a small space.  It may sound strange, but just when we thought that no more agility or flexibility could be found inside the MINI, the design team have found it!  On average people drive alone in the urban context so the 3+1 seater solution allows for extra cargo room for those everyday errands that send us frenetically around town while lightweight seating permits changing scenarios.  Its also sub-compact on the outside, at just over 3 metres, it is full of life and character with big round signature headlights and a large grill that could eat up the road.  The muscular fenders leave no room for surface treatment between themselves and the wraparound greenhouse and yet it is this feature that enhances and tightens the lines that define the car’s stance; simple, sincere, and new.  Like many contemporaries the Rocketman seeks to lighten its load to achieve efficiency and in doing so uses a carbon spaceframe that cocoons the glasshouse and runs in and out of the car.  Sandwiched between surfaces around the windscreen, the door sills, and the armrest area is a specially folded paper that adds rigidity and air pockets in addition to playing a supporting role to the light show featuring the Union Jack on the roof.  Not to be left behind gadgetwise you can remove the Centre Speedo to use as a computer at home and upload info and entertainment for the next trip ahead.  MINI welcomes the future!