Nissan Esflow

Nissan says : a pure EV sports car concept, 0-100km/h in under 5 seconds and over 240 kms on one charge.

It is no secret in the business that Nissan-Renault are fighting hard and dedicating all their efforts into the electric vehicle market.  It makes sense, both representative country markets have good facilities for supplying electricity in an efficient way.  So far however, Nissan, has come up with typically small urban electric cars that have a very feminine feel to them, perhaps appealing to women and their nurturing desire to save the planet.  The ESFLOW speaks a whole new language for Nissan electric design, it says “that owning an ecologically sound car does not have to come at the expense of driving enjoyment”.  Knowledge is freedom, and clearly the knowledge they have derived from building the Nissan Leaf and their reknown love for performance cars has given them the freedom to create ESFLOW.  It drives on two motors integrated into the two rear wheels independently controlling the left and right wheels to optimise torque to achieve 0-100kph in under 5 seconds.  The exterior design was difficult to truly appreciate, mainly due to the mercurial paint finish and perhaps unconventional stance, drawing mixed reviews at show.  Hints of the Z were here and there, as were mixed functions with secret charging points built in to the air ducts.  Creativity was at its best in the interior where the understanding that ecology does not mean economy in terms of luxury was clear cut.  The seats are sculpted into the rear bulkhead of the car disposing with the need for steel frames that add weight to the seats and the fly-by-wire steering adjusts to the driver instead.  There were cool details such as the indicator stalk and controls in the centre console that along with subtle blue and gold colour and trim was remarkably savvy and future chic!